Fungi-Nail® Toe & Foot® Solution 

Fungi-Nail® Toe & Foot® moisturizing solution comes with a pinpoint applicator ideal for treating toe and foot fungus.

Fungi-Nail® Toe & Foot® Pen 

Fungi-Nail® Toe & Foot® Pen Brush (3 mL) is the No-Mess, No-Spill, Targeted Treatment Pen Applicator that delivers the right amount of treatment right where you need it.

Fungi-Nail® Toe & Foot® Ointment

Fungi-Nail® Toe & Foot® Ointment comes with a wide-angled brush for easy application to the toe and foot areas, conveniently eliminating both toe and foot fungus.

After 2 months using this product, my finger is perfect again. Thank you so much.


Hi, I just wanted to drop you guys a quick thank you. Your product is the first to actually work on the fungus I HAD. It’s HUGE to lose that self-consciousness. So many other products have been worthless and I had almost lost hope on ever being done with the ordeal. THANK YOU!!!


Just a short note, telling you how impressed I was with your ‘Fungi-Nail’ product, it cleared up my problem in about 5 weeks. Thanks!