Fungi-Nail® Liquid

Triple Action Formula

  • Kills Fungus
  • Stops Itching & Burning
  • Restores Skin Health
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Pharmacist Recommended Brand

Fungi-Nail® Anti-Fungal Liquid is a topical anti-fungal treatment that is ideal for treating toe and foot fungus. It eliminates fungal infections on the skin around cuticles, nail edges, nail tips, and between the toes.

Fungi-Nail® provides lasting protection as it moisturizes and heals irritated skin and is proven effective for relieving the itching, burning and cracking associated with toe and foot fungus.

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Clinically Proven to Cure and Prevent Fungal Infections

When will I see results?

Depending on the severity of your fungus, you may begin to see results within four weeks. As the weeks go on, new healthy skin will begin to appear. It’s important to keep applying the product on the affected area around the cuticle and under the tip of your nail (where accessible with the applicator) to keep the area clear and stop the infection from spreading.

How do I use Fungi-Nail® Liquid for best results?



Clean the affected area with soap and water and dry well.



When needed, cut nails straight across and then file so they are slightly round at the tips.



Apply liquid with the brush applicator twice daily around the cuticle, on the skin along the edges of your nail, and underneath the tip of the nail where accessible with the applicator.

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Fungi-Nail Products



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Fungi-Nail Products



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